How do i configure markdown (.md) display style?

  • .md is something special, clearly it’s defined somewhere. If i change file extension to something stupid like .azaz the style will use global default that is easily readable because it’s configured by me. But i can’t find md style config. The way i see it now is dark background and dark blue text, i can only barely make out any characters of it.

    And yes i prefer dark themes in NP++ and all things.

  • Ok there’s more than just dark blue text.

    “# These lines are orange”
    “* These lines are dark blue”
    “These lines are almost exactly the same dark gray as background color”

    (without “”)

  • @Zaflis_np ,

    Markdown file (.md) syntax highligting is defined in the User Defined Languages’ Markdown entry. Go to Language > User Defined > Define your language… to change the colors

  • Seems very confusing, i can hardly understand what i’m looking at with those styling menus. There doesn’t seem to be a way to save the default style file apart from manually editing

    Oh well, i hope i get colors right with hex codes…

  • Why is there “global override” color if it’s not used?

  • Oh i figured it out, just deleted the userDefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml file so now it uses global.

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