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    My search results no longer appear. After I finish a multi-file search, the search & progress dialogs close, but no search results window ever appears. This used to work just fine. Suddenly it’s broken. I found a menu option that implies F7 would open the search results window, but pressing F7 had no effect.

    I have the latest version of Windows 10, and the latest version of NP++

  • @Sylvester-Bullitt said in Search Results Not Displayed:

    but pressing F7 had no effect

    I have 7.8.9 64bit and it’s working fine for me. Even if I filter the file types to non-existent ones in a selected folder the search window will still show with “0 hits”. I can close it and make it re-appear with the F7 key. That window is “dockable” and can be moved around. Have you possibly moved it out of the NPP window and located it elsewhere, possibly even off screen?
    I did locate mine outside the NPP window then closed NPP. When I re-opened NPP and did the same search the window was located at the last position, outside of the NPP window. It can be moved back within the NPP window and then the title bar of the search result double clicked to dock it again.


  • Sorry, need to add to above post. If it is “off-screen” then use the right click option on Windows 10 taskbar and select “Cascade Windows” or “Show Windows Stacked” etc to see if you can regain control.


  • @Terry-R I right-clicked the Windows task bar and chose “Cascade Windows.” As expected only the Notepad++ main window appeared. No search results anywhere.

    Since I first entered this question, I also rebooted the computer, hoping that might solve the problem. No such luck. Still can’t find anything.

    I’m not doing anything complicated. Just searching simple HTML files for my Web site, something I’ve done hundreds of times before. No clue what’s happened to make NPP go belly up.

  • @Terry-R I have the same version of Notepad, 7.8.9 64bit .

    The search results window does not appear when close NPP, and does not reappear when I restart NPP.

    To be clear, the problem is not a “No matches found” result. The problem is no results at all, positive or negative. The Search results window is nowhere to be found. It doesn’t even open and then hide.

  • Probably some relevant advice HERE … oh wait, @Sylvester-Bullitt is the OP on that one too! :-)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Alan-Kilborn Well, that did the trick. The location should be documented somewhere obvious, though. It took several tries before I found in my “roaming” folder, of all places.

    I don’t know who to suggest this to, but putting a “Reset Default GUI Configuration” feature should be a top priority, right after investigating why this problem occurs in the first place.

    Thanks for the help.

  • @Sylvester-Bullitt

    Perhaps your best course of action is bookmarking these threads.
    This seems to happen to you a lot.
    Apparently has happened to very few others.

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