Errors with configuration file symlinks

  • In order to share configuration files between computers, I changed ‘stylers.xml’ and my custom theme in the ‘theme’ under the ‘%appdata%\Notepad++’ folder to symlinks using mklink. However, now when I launch np++, it throws up an error saying “Load stylers.xml failed” with the path to the symlink. Clearly, the theme is not loaded, either, and if I go to the Style Configuration and attempt to select the theme, a very similar error dialog appears. I had no trouble using a directory junction for the ‘userDefineLangs’ folder. I may just use a junction for the whole themes folder instead, even though I only need one file. That doesn’t help much for the stylers.xml file (not interested in doing the whole folder).

    No problem using symlinks for this when running np++ in wine on a Linux box, though. :)

    Any suggestions?

  • Ah, never mind. There was an issue with the theme symlink, which when corrected fixed everything. Not sure how that caused an error with the stylers.xml file - that symlink was just fine - but it went away, just the same.

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