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  • Had some quick important notes on the change.log tab of the application, accidentally clicked update and post update everything on the 1st tab/which is change.log all is gone. checked the backup files(%AppData%\Notepad++\backup) but that tab has no backup. The only backup it has is from tab1. please help i really need to retrieve those details if possible.

  • @Abhishek-Mehta ,

    the change.log tab of the application, … 1st tab which is change.log

    Based on that phrasing, what I assume happened is that the previous time Notepad++ updated, it automatically opened with the Notepad++ change.log file (from the Notepad++ application directory) open to tell you the changes in the Notepad++ application. You then started adding your own change history for something unknown to us, and saved it in that same file in the Notepad++ application directory. When Notepad++ updated most recently, it reasonably updated its own change history in its own directory, thus overwriting the changes you made to the Notepad++ file.

    There’s a small chance that I’ve mis-guessed, and the change.log got closed, but not overwritten by the update. You could open C:\Program Files\Notepad++\change.log or C:\Program Files(x86)\Notepad++\change.log to know for sure.

    But assuming you meant that your data was gone and change.log was back to displaying the Notepad++ change history (like it’s supposed to): Unless you have some backup software running, I doubt there is any backup of the data you wrote. I am sorry. Recuva or other recovery software might be able to find old versions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

    For the future, I highly recommend with Notepad++ or any other application that you should not store your data in the application’s folder – I consider any file inside the application’s folder to be fair game for the application to change or delete without warning or recourse.

  • Who types supposedly valuable information into Notepad++'s own change.log file?

    People that don’t understand the concept of a “file” maybe? Or a Notepad++ “tab”?

    Help us understand why this was done.

  • Hey Abhishek. I’m also facing the same issue
    Have u got any solution ??
    could please help to resolve the same i

  • @IAmYouthoober ,

    The original poster was only ever logged in once (according to the forum’s @Abhishek-Mehta user profile), so probably never saw my response, let alone your question a year later.

    What problem are you really having? Could you describe what you did, the behavior you expected, and the behavior you actually got?

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