Please help install SPELL CHECKER Notepad version 7.8.9

  • Help! I am not a cyborg, and have spent over an hour following instructions on how to install Spell check in the newest version of Notepad++

    Of course … I did the obvious:
    selecting Plugins ~ DSpellCheck and running
    Aspell-en-0.50-2-3.exe THEN trying

    There seems to be a question WHERE to put the output of this installation so I cloned all files to BOTH possibilities:

    C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell-15.dll
    and also
    C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\DSpellCheck
    AND picked the Notepad++ Aspell location to one and then the other of these sites,

    Both give me the same error:
    "Status: Incompatible DLL Architecture (32-bit vs…) "
    Nothing gets spell checked.

    I have wallowed around
    and also
    and also

    And it’s like trying to decipher a spilled can of alphabet soup. I haven’t a clue how to read or use the downloadables. I’ve read multiple (older) online instructions on how to install SPELL CHECKER, and cannot make any work.

    I’ve followed most recently:
    and in times past, with earlier versions of Notepad++, I was able to install SPELL CHECK. NOT THIS TIME.

    I am not a cyborg, but if someone will very precisely
    point me to the exact URLs I need, and like a cookie cookbook tell me exactly what to do in what order, that would really help.


  • @Frank-Cox73 ,

    I am sorry you have had difficulty. I believe part of the problem is you are merging instructions for the “Spell Checker” plugin but actually trying to install the “DSpellCheck” plugin.

    With the DSpellCheck plugin and Notepad++ v7.8.9 64-bit, the installation is straightforward.

    1. Notepad++ > Plugins > Plugins Admin
    2. Click the checkbox on DSpellCheck (2a) then click Install button (2b)
    3. It will prompt that it will restart notepad++, which is what you want.
    4. Wait patiently for the progress bar to hit 100%
      • If I tried to do something else, it would cancel the dialog without my noticing.
      • If you let it finish, it should start Notepad++
      • If something went wrong, re-start Notepad++ and try again.
    5. Plugins menu should now have the DSpellCheck sub-menu
    6. Go to Plugins > DSpellCheck > Settings
    7. Leave the dictionary at Hunspell. Switching to Aspell requires additional libraries and installation, and isn’t necessary to get spell check working!
    8. Pick your Language (my screenshot shows English)
    9. Download the English Dictionary
    10. Apply and OK (probably just need OK, but I hit Apply just in case)
    11. If the Plugins > DSpellCheck > Spell Check Document Automatically is enabled, it should automatically squiggly “misspelt” words. Otherwise, you might have to ask it to find next or previous. 30ef6652-07b3-4c73-b681-536b4a547838-image.png

  • @PeterJones
    Thanks for getting me closer! I was able to manually find one spelling error at a time, but first using the 64 Bit version of Notepad, and then when that failed, installing and configuring the 32 bit version of Notepad, I didn’t get far…



    Any additional ideas?
    Thanks again

  • @Frank-Cox73

    v7.8.9 32bit with DSpellCheck automatically spell checks for me, when I follow the same sequence as I showed for v7.8.9 64bit.


    Further, in your picture, I see the misspellings highlighted. So I’m not sure what your problem with the results is.

  • Spelling cannot contain all words that exist in the world, some words can be manually added to ignore or to a custom spelling dictionary.


  • @PeterJones
    whether it was my computer monitor or font size or shrunken size window in Notepad++ I simply could not see the underscored red dots showing the spelling errrors. They showed up CLEARLY in the copy/pasted JPGs in my response… I just didn’t see them on my computer.

    Oh my… Does this mean I’ve passed middle age? Sorry …
    Thank You again!

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