.dsc files

  • I am looking for a pluggin for .dsc files.

    Is there one?

  • @Todd-Scheck said in .dsc files:

    pluggin for .dsc files

    Doing a google search for this file format immediately turns up a couple of types. One is a file used by Nikon to support images taken on a camera. However they state that the file is used by the software, not to be opened manually. Another is related to WPS Office and as such may well be a binary file, or at least again a file that may contained data formatted only for use with that software.

    I hope you understand that Notepad++ is a “text” editor. It does not understand any binary data and will very likely corrupt any such file you attempt to use in Notepad++. If the file is only designed for “internal” use (within the S/W that uses it) again you are likely to cause issues using it in Notepad++.

    Do you have more info on what is actually contained in the file you want to open in Notepad++, like the source?


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