How can i randomize/shuffle lines using notepad ++

  • i want to randomize lines (without any order) lines might contain digits or letters there can be alot of lines in file like 40000 plus i tried a python script but it dont seem to work with 64bit notepad++ the link to the script is HERE

  • @Rana-Jawad-0

    The script you linked to works for me.
    The script has no 32-bit/64-bit dependency, so it will work in either.
    With no further description than “doesn’t seem to work”, no one can really offer anything beyond saying “sorry to hear that”.

    It appears Notepad++ itself is getting a “shuffle lines” feature, see HERE and THERE. I suppose nothing is stopping you from grabbing an unreleased build that has the feature in it, and using that for your randomization needs.

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