Context menu for plugin icons on the toolbar!

  • It’s too trival to look up a sub-menu among a bunch of them. So, shouldn’t we implement context menu for the toolbar icons?

    notepad3 has that, but only for the toolbar itself. Although notepad3 and npp have similiar code, when debugging npp I can’t get any mouse-related messages from the toolbar in the main callback method. A workaround could be processing the message directly in the translate-dispatch message loop.

    Once it’s implemented, we can furthermore provide context menu for all icons ! Moreover, before poping up the plugin menu, npp can ask whether the plugin icon has other specified function, and then call it instead.

  • @KnIfER

    I assume that this can be a nice improvement for “mouse users”.
    For me as a keyboard junkie I don’t see a big benefit yet.

  • Also applies to the plugin’s toolbar!

    Harmony !!!

    image (2).png

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