Anyone know how to make this pannel apear?

  • Hi,
    Anyone know how to make this pannel appear?
    Im trying to make a macro to automize a tedious task.


  • @Absolute-Ciroc ,

    Macros don’t record/show the pulling down of menus. They perform the individual actions (equivalent to what’s called from menus or keyboard shortcuts).

    Unfortunately, some menu entries, while they are perfectly valid in macros, do not record properly; if you share what actions you want to take in your macro, we can help you figure out whether they can be recorded, or if they have to be manually added to the macro.

    If you are trying to pick individual entries from the Most Recently Used File list (which you have covered up in your photo), then the chances are “no, Macros cannot access those” (though Restore Recent Closed File and the actions below should be (I believe) available to macros).

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