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  • Hi, I am a huge fan of the application!

    I noticed that when I go to View > Always On Top the setting does not stay when the application is closed and re-launched. The expected behavior is that when an option is selected that it stays selected since I need this option selected each time I launch the application for the type of work myself and my friends do daily.

    I am also aware you can pass the command line option -alwaysOnTop in the shortcut however that doesn’t fulfill my needs since when you open notepad++ from a file association it doesn’t have the Always On Top option selected and i manually need to check the box each time.

    I went through the documentation and every setting in options as well as reading the xml config files and I can’t find the setting to always keep the application on top permanently. Can an option under preferences be created for NotePad++ to always stay on top each time it is launched?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @David-Smith-0 ,

    There is no configurable option for that toggle as far as I know. If you cannot use any of the workarounds below, you could in theory read the FAQ which describes where to go to make a feature request, and follow those instructions; if you do make a feature request, be sure to search the existing requests first, and to copy a link to your request and paste it in reply here. But I highly recommend one of the workarounds below:

    If you are willing to install the PythonScript or similar plugin, you could set up a script that would run during startup which would automatically set it. (the PythonScript syntax is editor.menuCommand(MENUCOMMAND.VIEW_ALWAYSONTOP), which is easy enough to insert in, making sure that PythonScript settings have Initialisation=“ATSTARTUP”)

    when you open notepad++ from a file association it doesn’t have the Always On Top option selected

    Do you know that you can edit the association using the windows registry editor (regedit), and you could add the -alwaysOnTop option in the association? Or you could associate the files with a onTopNotepad++.bat which you write as a wrapper to call Notepad++ with the option; something like:

    "c:\program files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" -alwaysOnTop "%1"

  • @David-Smith-0

    If you are going to make a feature request, HERE might be a good place to put it, although it isn’t an open issue, developers might reopen it for your new request.

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