Windows Relative File in Session

  • I want to create a session that points to files using a Windows relative file specification. For example, instead of
    “C:\Users\Dwayne\Chapter 5\
    I’d like to have the session refer to
    “Chapter 5\
    I’ve tried editing the session file this way but to no joy.
    My goal is to share the folder and its subfolders and files with others so that they too can use the session.

  • @Dwayne-Roberts ,

    As you may have guessed from the lack of response, I don’t think anyone knows of a way to make that work.

    If you want that feature, you might follow the advice of our feature request FAQ

  • @Dwayne-Roberts said in Windows Relative File in Session:

    points to files using a Windows relative file specification

    I haven’t tested this but on my Windows 10 system I run a command prompt and type set and press enter. some system variables pop up as being potentially suitable.

    However there is a caveat, generally the users profile folder is limited to the user named for that profile. So user xxxxx can ONLY access folder C:\Users\xxxxx and user yyyyy can ONLY access folder C:\Users\yyyyy. Neither can access the other, UNLESS they are also administrators. Even then I think Windows will require an override on first attempt (which it remembers).

    My idea would be to use the PUBLIC profile on the PC, see system variable called

    As I don’t do “sessions” I haven’t tested anything in NPP to support the usage of system variables.

    Good luck

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