Notification for command state changes

  • My plugin toobar is interested in knowing when an NPP command with a state changes…
    View → Word Wrap is turned on or off
    File → Save is enabled or disabled

    Currently I am hooking TB_CHECKBUTTON & TB_ENABLEBUTTON windows messages with SetWindowsHookEx, but hooks make me feel so 90s and a little bit dirty.

    Is there currently a better way to do this?

    If not, would it be best implemented as an NPPN beNotified notification?

  • @moon6969

    there is this messageProc function. Maybe this is providing the info you need!? I’ve never tested it so far.
    The save issue could be solved by subscribing to savepoint-left/reached notifications.

  • I had a quick poke through NPP source… the main messageProc call (via _pluginsManager.relayNppMessages) is after the main “process message” Switch in NPPBigSwitch… but only for a few messages with “break”.

    I don’t think the TB_CHECKBUTTON messages make it to the Big Switch though since it has the same 0x402 value as NPPM_INTERNAL_CMDLIST_MODIFIED already present there.

    I’ll dig further if/when I get the chance!

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