UDL doesn't work as wanted

  • Hi all,

    I created a User Defined Language for analyzing logfiles. In the “Keyword Lists” I created a Styler containing “-140”, “(-140)” and “<-140>”:
    Screen Shot 09-23-20 at 04.52 PM 001.JPG
    But for the analysis, not all “-140” are matched:
    Screen Shot 09-23-20 at 04.51 PM.JPG
    A few lines later there is no highlighting of “-140”:
    Screen Shot 09-23-20 at 04.52 PM.JPG

    Does someone have an idea what I did wrong?

  • @Juergen-Moors

    That’s because '<-140>' is not the same sequence as <-140>, so it doesn’t match. The lexer uses full tokens, and if you merge things together without spaces, it will treat them differently than if there are spaces between.

    If you go to the Delimiters tab, and add ' as the Delimiter # style (# of your choice), then go into that entry’s styler, and enable nesting, then it will be able to recognize things inside the ' marks as something to process, too

    No nesting:

    With nesting:

    Or, without setting the single quotes as delimiters, if you had spaces between the ' and the (-140), so that the parser would treat (-140) as a separate token, it would recognize it as well:

    In my example, I changed the styling of the ' delimiter to make it obvious, but if you don’t want the ' portion highlighted in any way, don’t set any of the styles, but just set the nesting. Remember to nest anything that might end up inside those pairs.

    BTW: you’ll notice that -140 on its own doesn’t get highlighted either. That’s because the UDL lexer recognizes it as a number, and thus highlights it as a number rather than as a keyword.

  • @PeterJones said in UDL doesn't work as wanted:


    Thank you very much Peter! That helps:

    Screen Shot 09-24-20 at 09.40 AM.JPG

    Screen Shot 09-24-20 at 09.41 AM.JPG

    With these settings, the matches are correct shown in the whole logfile!
    Screen Shot 09-24-20 at 09.41 AM 001.JPG

    Screen Shot 09-24-20 at 09.41 AM 002.JPG

    Kind regards,

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