JSON in Obsidian theme

  • I mostly use the Obsidian theme, and upon trying just JSON highlighting instead of JavaScript highlighting I found it wasn’t included in the theme.

    In fact, it appears JSON rules are only defined in Default and DansLeRuSH-Dark in the version I’m using (7.8.7, I checked Obsidian in 7.8.9 and JSON is also missing).

    Are there any plans to add (or even just copy-paste from DansLeRuSH-Dark) the JSON highlighting to Obsidian, or should I manually do it, or is the best option to just use JavaScript highlighting and ignore JSON altogether?

  • @Kale-Janeth said in JSON in Obsidian theme:

    or should I manually do it

    This is normally your best option for themes since they aren’t upgraded along with the default theme to include new languages or even new parsing / types for existing languages.

    Lucky for you I use Obsidian as well and I have already updated most of the missing languages and styles. Note you may want to cut/paste from this one or keep your existing Obsidian.xml backed up as I have some global formatting changes to text and color as well under the last GlobalStyles section. Maybe a diff between mine and yours will help you “migrate”.

    Good luck!


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