How do I remove everything that doesn't have a certain number in it?

  • I’m have a list of codes and discount percentage and I’m trying to only keep the 100’s and remove the 50’s.

    OPBD6 | Discount = 50
    WLQN6 | Discount = 100
    AZOR5 | Discount = 50
    KQOY9 | Discount = 50
    GVNE8 | Discount = 50


    WLQN6 | Discount = 100

  • Hi @Squirtleshell

    One way to get that is as follows:

    Open the Replace dialog (Ctrl + H) and type in:

    Search: ^.+Discount = (?!100).+\R
    Replace: [leave empty]

    Check the Wrap around option
    Select the Regular expression search mode
    Click on the Replace All button

    Have fun!

  • Another approach uses the Mark lines facility. Use Menu => Search => Mark. Enter = 100 (i.e. =, space, and 100) into ‘Find what’. Ensure that ‘Bookmark line’ and ‘Wrap around’ are selected. Then click on ‘Mark all’. Expect to see blue circles on the found lines. Next use Menu => Search => Bookmark => Remove unmarked lines. That should leave only the wanted lines.

    If all the unwanted lines have = 50 then you could enter that into the ‘Find what’ and then use menu => Search => Bookmark => Remove bookmarked lines.

    For either you could use more complex ‘Find what’ strings with regular expressions.

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