[New Plugin] New Markdown Text Plugin

  • We already have :

    • Markdown Panel (C#, IE)
    • MarkdownViewer++ (C#, HTML-Renderer)

    But IE is very old, and they do not support latex/math.

    So I decided to write this plugin: the Markdown Text Plugin

    An alpha-release has been uploaded to he repo above, but in case you are lazy, here is the link : v0.1.1


    alt text

  • You’ll see serveral placeholders because the plugin was written within one day.

    I’ve planned a lot of possible features, but the progress is stalled in choosing a decent browser kernel. Currently I am using miniblink, which is only partialy open sourced :

    • minilink_x64.dll(~30mb) open sourced main module. include a single-threaded wke browser wrapper.
    • mb.dll(2mb) non-free extension. include a custom multi-threaded browser wrapper.

    ( the alpha-release is using both of them. )

  • Very good plugin! Can you release the x86 version?

  • @linpengcheng when it’s stable I’ll build a x32 version

  • @KnIfER thanks!

  • Banned

    Please try this steps,To [New Plugin] New Markdown Text Plugin

    Step 1 :- In the Notepad++ menu bar, click Plugins > Plugins Admin.
    Step 2 :- Search for “markdown”, and select MarkdownViewer++, then click the install button.
    Step 3 :- Once installed, allow Notepad++ to restart and load up any Markdown file. Then, click the “M” button on the far right of the toolbar to toggle the Markdown preview pane

    I hope this information will be useful.
    Thank you.

  • I am going to continue and finish this plugin project.

    I was waiting for the formal release of Edge’s Webview2 actually . I thought it will come along with the newer version of Edge Browser, but months later, it still isn’t there. It turned out that I just to install a “Webview2 runtime”. —— I hope he news is not toooo late :)


    1. write some Pimpl code. the old multi-browser code is to long. Need to separate it into Pimpls of miniblink and Webview2.
    2. embed wke maybe . wke is the smallest.
    3. Enrich the features。Turn it into a HTML viewer, into an offline ShaderToy Viewer …

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @KnIfER If user can define the conversion command line of various file types to html in the options, instead of the native engine of md2html, it will become:

    1. Preview plugins for various file types, not limited to md
    pandoc.exe current-file.t2t xx.html
    pandoc.exe current-file.rst xx.html
    pandoc.exe current-file.adoc xx.html
    1. sql file execution DB query, result convert to html preview
    python.exe user_def_query.py xx.sql xx.html
    1. the data file execution python or R language visualization script, result convert to html preview
    rscript.exe user_def_data2plot.r xxx.csv x.html
    1. Data preview of various data structures
    python.exe user_def_datastruct2html.py xx.java xx.html
    1. Literary Programming using Markdown comments
    python.exe user_def_mlp.py xx.py xx.html

    1. Run the current script automatically and display the html result
    2. Webapp test

  • The html(markdown) preview window will become a magic showcase.

  • “Preview HTML” plugin can do it.


    Extension=.hiccup, .hip
    Command=C:\Notepad++\tools\clj\bb.exe C:\Notepad++\tools\clj\hiccup2html.clj  "%1"

    note: bb.exe (babashka) is a native Clojure interpreter for scripting with fast startup.


    (use '[hiccup.core :as hiccup])
    (->> *command-line-args* 


    [:h1 "111" [:br] 
      [:p "abcdfghicg"]]


  • update:

    (use 'hiccup.core)
    (->> *command-line-args* 


      [:h1 "List"]
        (for [x (range 1 4)]
          [:li x])]]


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