Is there an HTML equivalent to the XML Tools plugin?

  • While most HTML tags are XML compatible, some are not. In XML, every tag must be closed, either self closed like <mytag/> or a separate closing tag after the opening tag must be used like <mytag></mytag>. In HTML there are some tags that are defined as NOT NEEDING to be closed (and would actually be INCORRECT SYNTAX to close them). One of these is the <img> tag. Such tags are NOT correctly handled by XML Tools. It thinks they are opened tags and without a closing tag, EVERYTHING AFTER THEM gets an INCORRECT INDENTATION.

    What is needed, is something that I would imagine would probably called HTML tools, and it would correctly recognize which HTML tags are supposed to be closed, and which are NOT supposed to be closed (this is something defined by the official HTML standard). If HTML Tools doesn’t yet exist, I encourage any Notepad++ plugin developers out there to take on this project, and make it exist.

  • @Ben-Hutchinson said in Is there an HTML equivalent to the XML Tools plugin?:

    I am using tidy.exe + jN plugin for html formatting.
    jN plugin for user interface interaction with N++.
    tidy.exe for formatting.

    functions formatHtmlFile(); myFormatHtmlFiles().
    alt text

    It was done for myself. “Just for Fun”. I know I need to improve.
    If you need to improve - write.

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