NppExec v0.6 RC4 has been released!

  • NppExec brief info
    Here is some brief info about NppExec for new users:
    * NppExec adds a Console window at the bottom of Notepad++'s window;
    This Console window allows to run different console programs directly in it;
    Also there is Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute… window that allows to execute NppExec’s scripts (set of commands).
    * NppExec’s commands and variables are listed in the “NppExec.txt” file.
    * To get more details, type “help” (without the quotes) directly in NppExec’s Console. To get a detailed help about any NppExec’s command, type “help [command]” - e.g. “help npp_open” or “help set”.
    And don’t forget about Plugins -> NppExec -> Help/Manual.

    NppExec v0.6 RC4
    + added: $(WORKSPACE_ITEM_*)
    + added: the message “==== READY ====” is optional now (npe_console p-)
    + added: ANSI escape sequences can be ignored (npe_console e1)
    + added: set <var> ~ strquote <s>, set <var> ~ strunquote <s>
    + added: set <var> ~ normpath <path>
    + added: set <var> ~ chr <char code>
    + added: set <var> ~ ord <char>, set <var> ~ ordx <char>
    * now $(LAST_CMD_RESULT) will be 0 in case of StrCalc error (set x ~ …)
    * now WarningAnalyzer tries to find a file in the current view first
    * now GOTO X equals to GOTO :X, as well as LABEL X equals to LABEL :X
    - fixed: variable names can contain brackets - e.g. $(a(b©))
    - fixed: end of an embedded npp_exec-ed script may also be the end of its parent script
    * $(var) completion in the “Execute” and “Console” dialogs improved
    + now FParserWrapper::readConstsFromFile supports “enum { … }” definitions
    * internal improvements
    + NppExec Manual updated

    Get it here:
    or here: Plugin v0.6 RC4/

    There’s even a syntax highlighting for NppExec’s scripts, thanks to Andreas Heim (dinkumoil)!

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan said in NppExec v0.6 RC4 has been released!:

    There’s even a syntax highlighting for NppExec’s scripts

    Moreover, there is also a function list extension for NppExec scripts:

    @Vitaliy-Dovgan Thank you for this new release!

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