Notepad++ can download file but can not upload

  • Since years i am using notepad++ without any problem…

    But since a few days i am facin problems trying to upload my edited files (Now i a am using version 7.8.7)

    Sometimes it uploads the files, showing the progress in the action window.

    Most of the time it is proceeding from 0…100% and remains showing 100%. Then nothing happens… and when i start a webpage it tells me something like error ‘unexpected end of file’

    Sometimes the progress goes from 0% immediately to 100%. And in the nppftp window an error message says ‘Upload of file…failed’

    Restarting notepad++ helps somtimes an i can upload my progam once, maybe a second time…

    Does anybody have a helpful hint? Any help i will gratefully appreciate.

    best regards

  • @f-h-p-gugl ,

    Could you provide your ? menu’s Debug Info (there’s a link on the dialog box you can click, then paste it into your reply). Also, what version of NppFTP are you using (Plugins > NppFTP > About, Alt+PrintScreen, paste in your reply)

    My guess is the NppFTP plugin is having problems communicating fully with the server – getting interrupted or something.

    You might want to click the “Show messages window” button

    this adds another sub-window in Notepad++, which will show communications between the plugin and the server
    If there was an error, it will be shown there.

  • Hi PeterJones,

    i thank you very much for your help.

    I again checked everything in my network and found a bad intermidiate connection. Maybe it was a pure chance that it was working after restartt.

    Now it is working fine again. Thank you!

    best regards

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