Change Font size

  • How do I change font size? I did it accidentally and can’t change back.

  • @Sally-Bruckheimer ,

    Since it was accidental, I am assuming you actually changed the zoom. I’m on my phone so cannot check, but it’s either Ctrl+/ or Ctrl+\ on the numeric keypad that resets zoom to normal/100%. Or an entry in the View menu,. IIRC.

    If you really changed the underlying font size, not the zoom, then it’s in Preferences > Style Configurator > Normal Text > Default Text

    (Sorry if I get the exact phrasing wrong; I know NPP pretty well, but I’m on my phone and the sun isn’t yet up this Sunday morning, so my memory isn’t perfect)

  • I said in Change Font size:

    it’s either Ctrl+/ or Ctrl+\ on the numeric keypad

    I was unzooming today, and suddenly remembered making this comment; so I checked, and confirmed I hadn’t yet clarified that. Sorry.

    So for clarify for future readers, hold down the Ctrl key and then press the / from the numeric keypad (the keypad doesn’t have a \, so that’s not possible). Notepad++ shows that shortcut as Ctrl+Num / to make it clear that it’s the / on the numeric keypad (and I think that’s a fairly standard nomenclature).

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