Function List plugin - how to debug

  • I try to use Function List with my PHP files but I can’t get anything to show in my classes.

    I tested with another file (I opened a class file from WordPress) and the function list was populated.

    I then compared with my file to the WordPress file and they were similar

    • Same opening line
    • Same comment structure
    • Same opening class line: class Name {

    The only differences I can see are:
    my properties are being setup as:

    private $variable;

    and in WP file:

    public static $variable

    and I am declaring functions:

    public function functionName() {

    and WP is:

    public static function autoloader() {

    The only differences I can see is the addition of the word static… I have looked in functionList.xml and with my very limited regEx knowledge, it appears that it should work?

    I changed all my declarations and functions to public static and private static to see if it would recognise but no…

    I really want this facility but I dont know how to make it work…

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