Opening files failing

  • Hi! I just wanted to ask for confirmation on this issue I posted:

    I wonder if this will be fixed any time soon.

  • @BiBi-Abc ,

    In case you were not aware, for unpaid, all-volunteer open-source software development, it’s rather unreasonable to expect that a bug will be fixed within 3 days of reporting the problem. The time between releases is on the order of weeks (or longer), not hours or days. And that assumes the developers can reproduce the problem, and can then use that to debug the problem.

    Further, this forum is for discussion and help, but the forum is not the issue tracker, and as fellow users, we don’t necessarily have insight into a possible schedule for issue being fixed; your issue #8966 is in the issue tracker. To know whether a fix will be in the next release of Notepad++, keep an eye on that issue; GitHub will show a message similar to 42f5ecb5-6ade-42a2-98fe-167b757151cc-image.png in the issue report (I screenshot that from a different closed issue) when a developer has put a fix into the codebase, and the issue will show as 45a64969-ece6-49e6-8dff-0da61e7e333e-image.png. Once that is true, the next release of Notepad++ after that happens should contain the fix; until that is true, the issue is not fixed.

  • Since @PeterJones brought up the topic of issue status, I thought I’d relate one thing I find handy:

    You can see which version of Notepad++ a change has made it into by looking at its commit (so you have to follow the “issue” to its “PR” to its “commit”).

    So when you look at a commit and see something like this:


    You can tell that the commit first affected released version 7.8.7 and, as is the usual case, still exists in version 7.9. Thus, the conclusion for this bug is: “is fixed in 7.8.7 and later”.

    If you just see something like this:


    it indicates that, while the fix to an issue has been accepted, it does not yet appear in a released Notepad++ version.

  • @PeterJones said in Opening files failing:


    You’re right sorry. I was trying to bring more attention to the issue.

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