Syntax highlighting updates?

  • I’m writing some PHP script that includes Javascript. Notepad++ seems to automatically recognize where to highlight the different languages.

    I just noticed that the for/or JS function isn’t highlighted. However if I manually select Javascript as the language, it is highlighted. Apparently the JS portion of the PHP language isn’t as updated as the JS language itself. I can probably fix this myself locally, but what kind of process is it to make it an official public fix?

  • @ajpanton

    what kind of process is it to make it an official public fix?

    See HERE

  • Well, when I went to investigate how this highlighting even works in the background, I noticed that there’s an outdated file in my %appdata% folder that overrides the default one in Program Files. The latter file was like 3 times larger than the former!

    Javascript.js and Javascript are apparently two different languages, the latter being the embedded one, and indeed it was missing some functions in %appdata% but not in Program Files.

    I removed the %appdata% one and it got recreated from the Program Files version, and now for/of works (as well as others I hadn’t noticed before).
    Maybe this model of having an overriding file in %appdata% should be looked at, because it’s not being updated when the main program is.

  • @ajpanton

    I’m not sure about this case, but I know for certain files, an update won’t change them. This is so that possible user customizations aren’t blown away. The process intends to be “smart” but it isn’t infinitely smart. I believe it errs on the side of caution. Again, not sure about your use case. Maybe someone else knows more about this one.

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