Open SessionMgr Session from Command Line?

  • I’ve just started using NPP and I need session support.

    It’s great that “Session Manager” remembers the last session, but is there a way (preferably command line) I can change to a specific session when npp loads?

    I have tried “-openSession” but that doesn’t work (other than loading the files from that session):

    D:\TMP> "C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" -openSession "%appdata%\Notepad++\plugins\config\SessionMgr\sessions\ThisSession"

  • @Dennis-Bareis

    that is the way to reload saved sessions. Is ThisSession really the file?
    I would have expected ThisSession.xml. If it is the file, can you check if it contains useful data?
    If it does not work, can you post your debug info, available from the last menu, the ? menu and the content of ThisSession?