unable to download HexEditor Plugin from the plugins admin

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    Hello all,

    NPP version in use: v7.8.6 64 bits

    I would like to add Hexadecimal editor to NotePad ++. I followed the indication given in the thread in reference, however I could not get HexEditor to appear in the list of plugins to download from the plugins admin

    I tried both as normal user and by launching NPP as administrator. I tried to download the spellcheck plugin, and there was no problem in finding it and installing it.

    I did find the direct link to download HexEditor but I’m a bit ensure as to how to “install” the .dll file. when I installed the spellcheck plugin, I saw that a new folder got created in the plugins folder. is it enough to just place the .dll in a folder named “HexEditor”?

    so my question is double:

    • why is HexEditor not appearing in the list of downloadable plugins?

    • can you assist me in “installing” the .dll file that I downloaded manually?

  • Download the latest version of the program!


  • Hi,

    thanks for the tips. I have updated to v7.9 but still not HEX-Editor in the list of Plugins Admin.

    I did what I mentioned: just placing the HexEditor .dll in the install folder and it seems to work. not very elegant solution but as long as it works I am happy.

    if anybody else has a better fix please comment. otherwise I could consider my solution good enough.

  • @Bastien-Haemmerli

    Just to make sure, it only appears in the available tab if it hasn’t loaded/installed already. Otherwise it is listed under installed tab.

  • @Bastien-Haemmerli said in unable to download HexEditor Plugin from the plugins admin:

    not very elegant solution

    Just so you know, that is the official way to install any plugin that’s not listed in the Plugins Admin.

    If a plugin author, for whatever reason (whether not knowing about it or not wanting to go through the “paperwork” or not wanting it in the Plugins Admin or not maintaining the plugin anymore) doesn’t submit the link to their plugin into the repository that builds the Plugins Admin list, then the plugin won’t be listed in the Plugins Admin. Even if the author goes through that, until it’s accepted into the official list, and until the next version of Notepad++ distributes the new Plugins Admin list, it won’t be listed in Plugins Admin. (And anyone on a version of Notepad++ from before the plugin was added will also not see it.)

    So, you might not think it’s elegant, but it’s the right and official way of installing a plugin that’s not listed in your Notepad++ Plugins Admin.

  • Hello all,

    thanks again for the help. it is working now so I’m fully happy.

  • @Bastien-Haemmerli Better to use a full-fledged Hex Editor,
    free HxD https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/

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