"The Previous version of the File cannot be saved..." - Notepad++ Error Popup

  • In 2018, I had posted a request for help in regards to the inability of Notepad++ completing a save to a BAK file. My post was here:
    [https://community.notepad-plus-plus.org/topic/15756/notepad-cannot-backup-text-files-windows-10](link url)

    Unfortunately, that post string is closed and I cannot update it. So I will update with a resolution here.

    The initial problem is trying to have NotePad++ complete a save of a text file and back it up at the same time. The error message would say:

    "The previous version of the file cannot be saved in the backup directory at: (gives the location on the computer)
    Do you want to save the current file anyways?

    Essentially, NotePad++ cannot complete a backup. The file itself can still be saved.

    The triggering cause is a file name that is too long, but that is not the core cause to this issue.

    The core reason for this occurring is where the file is located. I experienced this issue when trying to use FTP to upload a file to a website core folder, I got a similar error from the FTP client.

    What this means is if the location of the file is in a deep folder location on the computer AND it also means the folder names, collectively, all add up to a character name count that is too long. For example:

    C:\Users(username)\Desktop\My Work\TEMPLATES-Global_CSS & HTML (COPIES)\Category Page HTML Templates\Page Category HTML TEMP USE \Main Page TEMP USE\

    The number of folders deep and the total character count, then add the character count of the file name your having issues with, creates a total string that is too long to process. This is a Windows limitation and not the fault of Notepad++.

    Notepad++ is merely working within the Windows folder/file system and rules.

    Well, it is simple, shorten the file name. Otherwise, if the file name is important, then do one of the following:

    1. Move the file and/or folder up the folder hierarchy, or…
    2. Rename the folders to have shorter names, which includes removing spaces.
      (To rename a folder or file with no spaces, use something this “folderName”)


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