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  • Hello!

    Win10 (x64)
    Notepad++ 7.9 (x64)
    Run Notepad++ [Admin] -> Plugins -> DSpellCheck -> Change Current Language -> Download Languages…
    Download Dictionaries Dialog window opens
    Select 3 languages
    Install selected
    Nothing happens and Notepad++ shuts down.
    Can’t figure this one out so any help, info is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards,


    you can download and install updated plugin manually

  • Thanks for your reply, appreciate it!
    Sorry but I can’t understand what to do with the links you posted?
    Opened the links and the confusion was total…
    Where are the actual dictionaries hiding and how do I update?
    Recently moved from Win7 to Win10.
    Had no problems what-so-ever with Notepad++ and Win7.

  • @pellelin said in Download Dictionaries Dialog:

    Sorry but I can’t understand what to do with the links you posted?

    Unfortunately, I believe that @rinku-singh misunderstood your difficulty, possibly because of bad translator software. He appears to have been trying to point you to the download URL that you could use to manually install the plugin.

    But if I am understanding you correctly, you already have the DSpellCheck plugin installed (otherwise you couldn’t be using tis change-current-language option), and are just trying to download the dictionaries to go with it.

    I don’t use DSpellCheck, but have often tried using it in the past to help with questions on the forum. I just started with a portable Notepad++ v7.9-x64 and installed DSpellCheck (1.4.17), then with the default Hunspell library selected, tried to download the English (US) dictionary, and had similar results to you: it exited Notepad++, and when I reloaded, there still weren’t any dictionaries installed. and nothing in the <portabledir>/Plugins/Config/Hunspell folder.

    Whereas, if I went back to an older portable Notepad++ v7.8.7-x64 and followed the same steps (installing DSpellCheck 1.4.16), I get a confirmation of the download, then a dialog like this:

    I got the same results with portable Notepad++ v7.8.9-x64 and DSpellCheck 1.4.16.

    If I copy over DSpellCheck 1.4.16 from my portable 7.8.9 and overwrite the DLL in my portable 7.9, then run the portable 7.9, it shows DSpellCheck 1.4.16 now, and will download a dictionary. So DSpellCheck 1.4.17 appears to not be working right with Notepad++ v7.9-x64

    Ahh, according to the DSpellCheck issues, it looks like it’s an already-reported issue.

    Since 1.4.16 works for me, you might want to download that version and paste the DLL overtop of your ...\Plugins\DSpellCheck\DSpellCheck.dll. (You could also try versions 17 or 19 from the DSpellCheck releases page, but I don’t know if those are validated releases or not, or whether they contain a fix.)

  • @pellelin ,

    I just manually downloaded DSpellCheck 1.4.19 from, because its release notes said “Fix regression from 1.4.17 making unable to download dictionaries”. When I exited Notepad++, copied the DLL from that zip into my portable’s plugins\DSpellCheck folder, and re-ran Notepad++, DSpellCheck would properly download a dictionary again.

    So, assuming you have a normally-installed Notepad++, I would suggest:

    1. Download 1.4.19 from the link above (x64 version)
    2. Close Notepad++
    3. Goto c:\program files\Notepad++\plugins\DSpellCheck
    4. copy the DLL from the zipfile to c:\program files\Notepad++\plugins\DSpellCheck\DSpellCheck.dll
    5. restart Notepad++
    6. try to download a new dictionary

    Hopefully, that should work for you.

  • Hello Peter!

    That was spot on! You are a lifesaver!
    Had almost given up and was thinking of installing an older version of Notepad++.
    I managed to get the eng UK, eng US and swedish! YAY! :D

    Thanks Peter, stay safe and healty, best regards,

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