NppExec v0.6.1 has been released!

  • NppExec brief info:
    Here is some brief info about NppExec for new users:

    • NppExec adds a Console window at the bottom of Notepad++'s window;
      This Console window allows to run different console programs directly in it;
      Also there is Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute… window that allows to execute NppExec’s scripts (set of commands).
    • NppExec’s commands and variables are listed in the “NppExec.txt” file.
    • To get more details, type “help” (without the quotes) directly in NppExec’s Console. To get a detailed help about any NppExec’s command, type “help [command]” - e.g. “help npp_open” or “help set”.
      And don’t forget about Plugins -> NppExec -> Help/Manual.

    NppExec v0.6.1:

    • improved: now ChildProcess_RunPolicy=1 works better
    • improved: now GoToLineIfWarningAnalyzerMatch calls SCI_ENSUREVISIBLE
    • npp_files updated to Notepad++ 7.9.1

    It may seem that this release contains just a few changes, but it was a loooong way since the initial v0.6 alpha 1 released in December 2017. Since then, a lot of the things have been improved, most of the planned things have been implemented, and some new things have been added.
    So, here it is - an official v0.6.1, an official release, a release that might never happen.
    It may surprise you, but I was not actively using Notepad++ as an end-user during the last years. Probably most of my interaction with Notepad++ was being related to development of NppExec. When I think about the reason of why NppExec is still being developed, two things come to my mind: 1) my own interest and desire of perfection and 2) all the people who use NppExec and give me inspiration to continue.
    So here it is for all of us. Cheers!

    Get it here:
    or here: Plugin v0.6.1/

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan said in NppExec v0.6.1 has been released!:

    It may surprise you, but I was not actively using Notepad++ as an end-user during the last years

    You can’t drop a bombshell like that without telling us which text editor you have actually been using!

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    It’s not a secret :) My activity on GitHub includes NppExec and two plugins for AkelPad text editor. AkelPad is unbelievably customazible: it can be a simple SDI editor similar to the standard Notepad; it can be an MDI text editor without advanced features; it can be an advanced MDI code editor with syntax highlighting, additional plugins and scripts. Finally, it is written in C, and it is small and fast.

    Also, due to project needs several years ago I’ve bought Sublime Text. It is fast (not as fast as AkelPad, but anyway) and has some outstanding features for developers (including “indexing” that allows IntelliSense-like experience). On the other hand, I was shocked how hardcore and unfriendly Sublime Text is when it comes to customization. For example, I went through several circles of hell before I managed to change the background color of selected text. (While you need just a few seconds to do the same in Notepad++ or AkelPad!) Another example: Sublime Text’s workspace files can be highly customized by the user, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, it is achieved only by manual editing of these files - and the editor does not even try to suggest you what you can type in this file and what you can not! Finally, Sublime Text is updated much less frequently comparing to Notepad++ and I have not felt any benefit from being a registered user (who have bought the license): all my questions in the forums had been answered by experienced Sublime Text users (similarly to what we have in Notepad++ forums) rather than by developers’ representatives, and I had not received any official answer from the developers regarding two features I proposed (unsimilarly to Notepad++ forums) as if I was just ignored by them.

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