• A few versions back, notepad++ retained hyperlink to a word after the hyperlink was deleted.

    1. ThisSentenceWillHyperLink_As_ALL_Words_Touchhttps://www.hyperlink.com

    2. Delete “https://www.hyperlink.com

    3. ThisSentenceWillHyperLink_As_ALL_Words_Touch

    It worked as if embedding a hyperlink into a word, I can’t get that to work anymore and I miss it. (tear drop)

  • @sadicus

    Not sure at all what you mean.

    But… the way hyperlinks work has undergone revision in recent versions in order to work better.

    Probably some “side effect” with the way the old stuff worked allowed you to do whatever it is you liked.

    I would not count on any of that old behavior making a return appearance.

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