How do i stop accented characters

  • So my problem is that I’m studying how to code with java, but whenever i try to use an Apostrophe or Double Apostrophe it will always turn the Next character into and accented version. been having this for some time and its really annoying and slowing my ability to type

  • @Miles-Cypher ,

    Since you haven’t given us enough to go on, the best we can say right now is “it doesn’t happen for me.”

    Do you have any plugins installed, other than the default plugins? Because Notepad++, by default, does not create accented characters by typing a ' or " followed by a letter.

    Please share your Notepad++'s ? menu, Debug Info (you can hit the “Copy debug info into clipboard”, or just type Ctrl+C in the dialog, then paste the info into your reply here).

  • Thank you for the tip, turns out the problem was with the language selected on my pc was US interntion which turned certain keys into modifier keys for some reason

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