Auto-insert doesn't work with adjacent characters

  • What’s the point of auto-insert functionality if it doesn’t work when trying to auto-insert a character when the cursor is adjacent to a character. Typing a quote or a double quote after an equals sign (or any other character) doesn’t work.

    I want this:

    <tag attr=""

    I get this:

    <tag attr="

    If there is a space after the equals sign the auto-insert works:

    <tag attr= ""

    Auto-insert only works when the cursor is not next to any character. It doesn’t work with quotes and double quotes but works with all types of brackets. Is this a bug?

  • @Pegart said in Auto-insert doesn't work with adjacent characters:

    (or any other character) doesn’t work

    Auto-insert only works when the cursor is not next to any character.

    Not quite. You are correct that " doesn’t auto-complete when next to an =, or alphanumeric, or many punctuation characters. But it does autocomplete when inside parenthesis or brackets: if I start typing function(", the text I get is function("") – similarly for [ and {.

    What’s the point

    The point is that it works in many other situations without difficulty. Not every programming language out there puts quotes directly next to equal signs or other characters.

    Is this a bug?

    Bug, oversight, or difference of opinion as to how it should be implemented.

    Since others agree that it does have that issue, I suggest you follow FAQ Desk: Feature Request or Bug Report to make an official request for improving the quote-character auto-complete. However, I highly recommend you stay away from charged phrases like “what’s the point”, which immediately put the reader on the defensive, and make them much less likely to prioritize your request.

  • @PeterJones, yes true about my phraseology. It wasn’t intentional. I noticed it might have come out as aggressive but forgot to change it after rereading the whole post.

    Thanks for the information. I’ll check FAQ Desk: Feature Request or Bug Report.

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