Chocolatey Package for Notepadplusplus removes all plugins

  • I know this is probably out of scope, but I’ll give it a go anyway:
    Is there an install parameter which tells Notepadplusplus to use ProgramData instead of C:\Program Files\Noteapdplusplus?


    Currently it seems like plugins are placed under Program Files and after each upgrade all plugins are removed.

  • I think I found out what the original problem was

    Lots of people had 7.5.7 installed when I upgraded their version up to 7.9.1
    I had not remembered there was an discussion around 7.6.2. where to put the plugins, so when I bumped up the version to 7.9.1, plugins were removed.

    I tested removing notepadplusplus and installing it again, the extra plugins I used, persisted after the upgrade.

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