Need Notepad++ to Open Two Windows (with all tabs) when Computer Restarted

  • I have one Notepad++ Window open with lots of tabs. Too many tabs. The good thing is, when I reboot my computer and then open notepad++ again, all the tabs and my files re-appear auto-magically.

    I know I can do this:
    I can create a second Notepad++ window and move about half of my tabs to the second window.

    BUT, can anybody tell me if this is possible:
    Next time I reboot my computer and then open Notepad++ again, it will automagically open BOTH of my Notepad++ windows, including all the tabs in both windows. This would be very helpful to me.

    I tried by setting the multi-instance preference to “Always in multi-instance mode”, but this did not help.


  • @Sam-0

    I would guess that File menu’s Save Session and Load Session might be useful to you, and probably the Session Manager plugin deserves a look as well.

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