XmlTreeview Plugin crashes

  • Hi,
    I try to use the Npp Xml Treeview Plugin (version 2) on npp version 7.9.1, working on W10.
    I always get the following crash error
    I tried it with the installed application of npp and with the portable version. It has the same result.
    .Net framework 3.5 and 4.8 is installed.
    Can anybody help

    Thank you,

  • @ricardo-cours ,

    I cannot find NppXmlTreeview Plugin

    in v7.9.1-32bit Plugins Admin:



    or in v7.9.1-64bit Plugins Admin



    Where did you get Npp Xml Treeview Plugin? It is quite possible you have the 32-bit plugin but a 64-bit Notepad++ (or vice versa): could you show us ?-menu, Debug Info?

    Or maybe Npp Xml Treeview Plugin hasn’t been updated to the newer internal Scintilla calls, so it’s calling a function or message that doesn’t exist in Notepad++ v7.9.1, and thus giving the crash.

  • Hello Peter,

    I got the NppXmlTreeview from github (https://github.com/joaoasrosa/nppxmltreeview)

    The maker has developed two version (x86 and x64). So I tried both, with the corresponding Notepad++ version.
    You can be right that this plugin doesn’t work with the latest version of notepad. Nothing was mentioned on github, but the plugin latest version was from 2018. I will try with an older version of notepad++

    In the mean time I leave my debug info should you find another solution. I will keep you informed of the test with the older version.

    Notepad++ v7.9.1 (64-bit)
    Build time : Nov 2 2020 - 01:07:46
    Path : C:\Notepad++x64\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : ON
    OS Name : Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)
    OS Version : 1909
    OS Build : 18363.1139
    Current ANSI codepage : 1251
    Plugins : mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll NppXmlTreeviewPlugin.dll PluginManager.dll XMLTools.dll


  • Problem solved!!!
    You can use the latest notepad++ version 7.9.1 but you have to use the XML Treeview (version Berlin) instead of the Rome verion.
    Thank you for the support

  • @ricardo-cours ,

    If you are still around, I would recommend that you let the author of nppxmltreeview know of your results – that “Rome” wouldn’t work with v7.9.1 32/64 for you, but “Berlin” would – so that the author can try to fix the plugin. Otherwise, other people will have the same problem you did.

    just go to the nppxmltreeview issues and submit a new issue.

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