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  • In my UDL, I’m having trouble getting &#39 to style.

    I tried using &# as a keyword in prefix mode, but nothing happens.

    And I tried it for a number, prefix1: &# and suffix1: ; but it still doesn’t colour.

    And I don’t even have & or # defined as operators.

  • @BGM-Coder ,

    For numbers, it can work, either as prefix2:


    or as prefix1:


    I also took it out of both numeric prefixes, and moved it to keyword1 in prefix mode, and it worked correctly for me:


    (Side experiment: to get both &# and & to work as number-prefixes in the same category, you have to order it as &# &. In keyword, it didn’t matter, probably because &# matches &-prefix anyway. In numbers, it matters, because # wasn’t an “extra” numeric character)

    Can you show us a minimal example? (Create a brand new UDL – or just use the default “user defined” – assign the active document to User Defined, and show the screenshot of both your text and the relevant UDL-dialog entry, like I did (if UDL is floating, like mine was, you can use Snipping Tool / Win+Shift+S to grab both text and UDL at once; if UDL docked, a simple Alt+PrintScreen will grab everything you need)

    here is the example text I was using.

    prefix1 2# 8# 10#
    prefix1 2#111 8#777 10#999
    prefix2 16# 0x 0X
    prefix2 16#999 0xFFF 0X9FF
    extras 1: A B C D E F a b c d e f _ :

    I set the keyword1 to burgandy/red, and the numeric to bold green

  • Thanks, Peter.

    You know, it works easily as a keyword in a fresh UDL, but not in my squiffy UDL. I can’t figure it out. There’s not even much in the UDL.

    Here’s my UDL file.

  • @BGM-Coder said in Styling ':

    not in my squiffy UDL

    Works for me. Well, the UDL you linked didn’t define &# as a prefix-keyword. So I added it to keyword4, and it highlighted just fine:


    I added some of your other keywords, to prove the other squiffy keywords were also highlighting for me. But the critical thing is that &#39 is highlighted red, matching the definition of keyword4

    Or, if you’d prefer it to count as a number:

    Either work for me, starting with your UDL xml that I downloaded from the link you shared.

    Maybe you need to delete your SquiffyUDL.xml, exit Notepad++, download a fresh copy into your UDL folder, and reload Notepad++ (maybe it got “stuck” somehow). Or maybe there’s an example set of data that doesn’t work, whereas the data I show does work – maybe there’s some contextual problem with your exact sequence of data that makes it not work, even though it works with my example data.

  • You know what? I’m usually tech support for people, and they come and tell me that something isn’t working. I ask them to show me, and then they can’t get it to not work.

    Now I spent an hour trying to get that to work in my UDL, but it would not colour no matter what I did.

    But just now, on a whim, after reading that it worked for you, I went and stuck &# in the exact same place I had tried it before (I like it in Styler 3 just below the @) and it just worked.

    I have no explanation why except that I deserve every bit of my frustration for whatever I have done in my life so far.

    Now it’s working for some reason! haaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa

  • Oh - thanks, Peter, for your time and for looking at it for me!

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