Can I specify multiple directories/files, and if so, how?

  • [Forgive me if this is too wordy, I’ve never written one of these before]

    Rrrrrright, so ‘ere’s the sitch. Tryin’ to launch a Game Engine usin’ Notepad++. ‘Course, this requires me to transform the text editor into an IDE by downloadin’ a C++ compiler. Problem’s that no matter what I try, I cannot seem to get the compiler to read the necessary files or directories. I can only find a settin’ for the Default Directory…
    …but I need to use 2 directories in order to get it to run.

    So is there any way for this to be done, and if so, how?

    By the way, I wanna specify that I’m a complete and total beginner when it comes to coding, so it’d be really helpful if y’all could be as specific and direct as possible. Also, if by some miracle I figure this out before someone else does, I’ll be sure to edit in/reply to my post explaining how I did it. Thanks!

  • @Vyrre

    no, these settings change npp internal behavior for
    functions like find dialog etc…, these are not intended for
    building/simulating an IDE.
    I would recommend to use the excellent NppExec plugin
    which allows you to create different profiles to run different commands.