I want to make a calculator but I like don't know anything

  • So, I kinda have no clue how the hell c++ works but I’m going to learn, and my first goal is to make a calculator, so I really just need to know 3 simple things and I can find my own way with the rest

    First question: How would I get it to process equations, like add 1+1

    Second: Pretty sure I have to get it to like recognize numbers… how i do that

    third: What’s a good way to get an output screen? for the result

    fourth: lol how does notepad++ even work XD

    or just give me some code that I can stare at until I understand how

  • @flamemaster46 said in I want to make a calculator but I like don't know anything:

    how does notepad++ even work

    That’s about the only part of your question that has anything to do with Notepad++, but unfortunately it is so open-ended there is no way to answer it, except to say that, for me, it works “very well”.

    To the other, this is a discussion place for Notepad++, so you need to take those questions to a different forum.

  • thanks for ur response

    can u just tell me how to make a calculator lol

    like where do I start and are there any choices for how to approach the start

    i know notepad++ is really great and all but i wanna go for kinda the shortcut way instead of the spend years learning way, Ive done it before with other coding languages but never with c++ lol

  • i know 2 things, how to compile, and that coding has a lot of words and a dictionary would be very useful

  • @flamemaster46 ,

    Given your user name (“flamemaster” implies you like giving and/or receiving insults) and the posts you’ve made so far, I am guessing you are here to troll us.

    On the off chance you aren’t, and you’re really in need of this level of basics: Notepad++ is a text editor. You can use any text editor you want for programming in C++. We think that the features of Notepad++ like syntax highlighting and the available plugins make it a useful tool for entering the source code for C++ and many (any) other programming languages. However, this forum is not a generic programming forum; we aren’t here to answer any random programming questions you have – and we definitely aren’t here to help you go the “shortcut way” of learning c++, or telling you what you can program in c++. Just about any application you can think of, there’s probably a way to do it in c++; and as far as I know, any c++ code you can write, you can use Notepad++ as the text editor to write the code in. But Notepad++ is not a c++ compiler; it is a text editor – you have to have an external compiler in order to compile your c++ code into an executable.

    If you were interested in seeing how to run your compiler from inside Notepad++, I give examples elsewhere in the forum of how to use the NppExec plugin to run external compilers (just do an advanced search for “NppExec” and my user name).

    But if you’re just here to get or give insults, or otherwise troll us, please don’t bother; that’s not why we’re here.

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