Conditional read of fileshares

  • Maybe this is more like a feature request. But not sure where I should post this.
    Problem is this:

    I use VPN to connect to my employers site and load some files in NP++ from fileshare.
    End the day and shut down. Next day I open NP++ without VPN active.
    NP++ will try read files from fileshare but it will of course fail with no VPN.

    My suggested solution:
    Add a condition so file will only be read when tab is active instead of read files from all tabs on startup.

    Roland Bengtsson

  • @Roland-Bengtsson ,

    There is a checkbox in the preferences which determines whether or not you want Notepad++ to check for the existence of files from the MRU (Most Recently Used list) at launch time. Unfortunately for you, that does not apply to open tabs.

    Basically, Notepad++ always wants to load the bytes from the file for any tabs open in the current session. Doing “just in time” reading of the file (when that tab is activated) would likely require a significant rewrite of the codebase… but I could be wrong. If you go into the FAQ section of this forum, you’ll see a post “FAQ Desk: Feature Request or Bug Report”, which will explain where and how to make a feature request. If you submit a feature request, understand that it might not be implemented. If you submit a feature request for this idea, it would be considered polite to grab a link to that request and put it in this topic, so future readers of this topic can track what happened to that request.

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