How to automate EOL conversion for live data feed

  • I’m a brand new Notepad++ user, as in, I installed it yesterday. I need to convert the EOL characters in my files to CRLF, and I see that I can easily do this (manually) with Notepad++. However, I will need a way to automate this process for text files coming through a data feed. What would be your suggestion? I think that I need some intermediary program to open notepad++, read in the raw data, run an EOL conversion command, and save. I see that Notepad++ can be run through command line – however, I don’t see a way to call upon the EOL character conversion function in the command line dictionary in the user guide. Can somebody please lend me some advice here? I don’t really know alot of other languages. If it means anything to anybody, I will eventually need to use SAS 9.4 to process the data files, however I don’t see that SAS can interface with Notepad++. Should I use a python script? Would I need to install something to interface with Notepad++? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • @A-Former-User

    To use Notepad++ (or any other texteditor) for batch-conversion of EOL format is the wrong approach. Use a command line tool instead.

    For example, have a look at

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