Copy Find Result

  • I’m using a regex to Find lines in a file that’s open in NPP.
    The Find result shows 189 hits.
    And, that’s what seems to be displayed in the Find result window.
    However, I don’t seem to be able to Copy those results to create a new file with Paste.
    I was using Right Click and selecting Copy.
    It appears CTRL+C would be more like it. But that doesn’t work as expected either.
    I’m getting a few more lines than the original searched file when I Paste.
    What I need is a file that’s the same as the Find result.


  • @fred339 ,

    After the Find In Files, your results window will have some number of lines.

    1. If you click on a single line and either RClick > Copy will copy just that single line.
    2. If you click on the line that says a file name, then the RClick > Copy action will copy the results from that file.
    3. If you do RClick > Select All then RClick > Copy , it will copy all the results, even across files.

    Note that any of those three methods, using the RClick > Copy, will not copy the Line ##: prefix to any of the lines.

    If for some reason you wanted that, you could do a more normal selection (click and drag to select, rather than just clicking on the line), and use Ctrl+C to do the copy, then it will have the Line ##: prefix included.

    If you need a file that is identical to the Find Results window, do a RClick > Select All, then use a standard Ctrl+C to copy.

  • @fred339 said in Copy Find Result:

    I’m getting a few more lines than the original searched file when I Paste

    Maybe in addition to what @PeterJones said, you may want to right-click and do a Clear all BEFORE running a search. Then it is easy to copy only what you intend (I’m guessing this is the trouble you are having).

  • i thought this “copying of search results” would be possible somehow already , but i see no way doing it . i am able to copy whole lines , but not simply the matching characters in the lines . i thought it was possible with the search-mark-function to let all findings be marked , and then grab(copy/paste) these marked matches . but again i am facing the fact , that marking doesnt mean selecting . so i cannot get hands on all the direct matches of eg [a-z] {3} , instead only on the lines containing the matches .

  • @carypt said in Copy Find Result:

    so i cannot get hands on all the direct matches of eg [a-z] {3} , instead only on the lines containing the matches .

    Sounds like you might want to consider a destructive search. That’s where you use a regex to find the matches and leave ONLY that, everything else will be deleted. Or consider copying the find results and then work on that text in a similar fashion, removing all the “non-matching” text to leave ONLY what you wanted.

    Often there are several ways of obtaining the result you want. It doesn’t always have to be a single shot answer. Often doing it in several steps will be easier to understand, especially if passing the job onto someone else going forward.


  • yes , as workaround i was thinking for a while on deleting everything around the search matches . but in regex i struggled on defining the unmatched for deleting only this . now i am exhausted with no good result , :)

  • @carypt

    There is a technique using regex for eliminating unwanted text in this THREAD. Since you gave no example of your own text, do some reading and see if you can make it work.

  • @carypt

    Actually, I keep forgetting there is a relatively new command in Notepad++ to copy out marked text. It is found on the Mark tab. So, if you can mark the text you DO want, with a regex, you don’t have to be concerned about crafting a more complex regex to remove the text you don’t want.

  • Aaaahhhh ! yes , thats it . shame on me , i was not updated to 7.9.1 . i beg your pardon , but there is no excuse . shame on me