Please leave software far away from politics

  • Dear all

    This is Mike from china, i found one of the release is named Notepad++ 7.8.9: Stand with Hong Kong && Notepad++ 7.9: Stand with Hong Kong . This is a serious problem. We should leave software far away from politics. All of China IT people are angry about this, please take action to do this in a right way. Our goal is to make this world better instead of make the world mess up.

    Looking good news from your side.

    Thanks all.

  • violation of human rights can not be called “politics” , nor is anger . it shows the absence of respect .

  • @carypt Maybe making chaos,setting on fire, attacking peoples are the nice right in your country, but in China, it is a crime.

  • Sublime Text is more suitable, more frequently updated and without political prejudices. Notepad++ is out-dated and corrupted. We have no essensity to involve in conflicts with Westerners, for “human rights” and “freedom” are thorough lies.

  • @Jinghe-Ma - That is excellent news that “All of China IT people are angry about this.” I’m glad to see that a single line English language message buried in obscure Windows program is making an impact on all of China IT people. Hopefully those people are getting the word out to all of China and the world.

    Do Chinese people have a saying about shining light in dark places to better understand what is happening? These lights are exactly how and why you are able to keep up on events, good and bad, in the United States of America and other countries that have freedom of press and freedom to write and publish for a broad audience.

    Notepad++'s messages have also been educational. Sometimes they are about things I had not heard about but apparently are important to many people.

  • The actual political situation is complicated and I don’t agree with all the actions of either side, yet I find the censorship that occurred to be unacceptable. Humanity only progresses through the communication of knowledge and possessing an understanding of our history and world events.

    In general, I believe that software developers have the right to express their political views, though their users also have the right to disagree and stop using their software. Free speech for one and for all.

  • @Jinghe-Ma By downloading Notepad ++ you agree with the position of the author.

  • @carypt how about the human rights, freedom of speech of ordinary people with opposing political views? People are being mugged, had their phones robbed, and set on fire. This movement has the mindset to set Hong Kong on fire (both financially and quite literally) just to get this freedom, at the cost of other people’s freedom of speech. Is this worth it?!

  • @Hollow-Brook The author definitely has the rights to express their political views. But to tide their views to their creation(s) which were created with another noble objectives (e.g. to make a powerful Notepad software for the general public for free) is basically changing their software’s objective to it. We as users can stop using them, but we won’t necessary know about the change in the software’s objective, especially when the update was done “automatically” without anything that says about this change. There was NOTHING for us to say, we support this new political view by using this software. The software simply does not provide a way for us to “say no”. This is why the software should be left alone from politics/human rights/any world issue other than the original noble objectives that gave birth to the software.

  • @carypt and promoting violent attack on individuals who disagree with you is not a violation of human rights?

  • @Jinghe-Ma do you know of any good alternatives?

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