repeating code with increment in time

  • Re: Replace text with incremented counter?
    i have a code but what i want to do is to repeat it with increment in time in the place of <o> in picture below ![alt text](on.JPG image url)
    please help me.
    thanks in advance

  • @Ravi-Chandra said in repeating code with increment in time:

    with increment in time in the place of <o>

    It’s not clear what you want. Please repost the examples as text, not an image. Then select those examples and click on the </> button above the window. This will allow us to copy real text for testing solutions against. Please also repeat the examples with what you are expecting, again using the </> button so we have a better idea of what it is you need.


  • I’m not usually one for guessing, but could be the OP wants the second occurrence of <o> to be turned into 1, the third turned into 2, etc. ?

    But yes, I agree, the problem could be stated better, and real text provided as a starting point for someone that wants to try working on it.

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