No update available, but update is available?

  • Hi good people.

    Just wanted to share this, since I got the notification from my Kaspersky Internet Security. I went to the app and checked for updates, nothing there, but went to the website and there was it.


    Also, cloudflare showed that the website was down.

  • Hm… I had the same issue. But then I just manually went to the site and downloaded a new version.
    I thought that I’d messed up with my configs because I have dev build as well.

  • This gets asked A LOT.

    First, why do you want the latest update?
    Is your current version not working well for you?
    Are you looking for some bug to be fixed?
    If not, what’s the big deal?
    Why rush to take a risk that there is some new bug that WILL impact and annoy you?
    Perhaps you just have to have the absolute most-current version because you think it is without any bugs? (never true)

    But to answer the question, there’s a “trigger” that the dev team has to enable before N++ itself will “see” this type of update. The devs have to “flip a switch” somewhere, THEN your N++ will see it.

    This mechanism is to protect you from doing this type of update, before a new release has had some “settling time” to see if it has some sort of big bug in it.

    IMO it is best not to be on the so-called “bleeding edge” with updates.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    I want it because I want it and don’t really need to justify myself for that nor take that type of opinion into account.

    Discussing on how the dev notification work is not something I want to waste my time on, but all I can say is: Dah!

    I wanted to notify somebody at the dev team and that is all.

  • @LaMpiR said in No update available, but update is available?:

    I want it because I want it

    Well, that’s fine…for you.
    But you aren’t the only user that the devs have to consider.

    If you want the devs to see, they won’t see here; you have to open a feature request, and instructions for so-doing are HERE.

    BTW, the experienced people here replying try to steer you in a good direction. When we say something like “it is best not to be on the so-called ‘bleeding edge’ with updates” and back it up with some explanatory information, it is to help guide you to make a good decision for yourself so that you don’t have a “bad experience”. Of course you are free to ignore all advice and do what you want–good luck to you, I hope nothing bad ever befalls you.

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