Set default character set for opening existing ANSI files

  • Hi!
    I often open old ANSI encoded files with Windows-1250 characters set. When I open such files some text is unreadable because of wrong (no one at all) chosen character set.
    Every time I have to manual choose correct character set (e.g. mostly Windows-1250).
    Please can I force for ANSI files default character set for opened existing files?
    There is such option for new files, it doesn’t work for existing files. It is very annoying to keep choosing the same character set over and over again.

  • I am guessing, following many many previous discussions you can find in this forum.
    Follow instructions here: How to change ANSI Code Page (ACP) on Windows.
    Consult this Table of locales. You have a selection of countries for which Windows-1250 is the default locale. E.g. Hungarian.

    Consider converting your files to UTF-8.

  • @tommick1

    Although I also recommend switching to utf8 encoding, there is a plugin called AutoCodepage that I think may be helpful in your case.

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