saved files always corrupted

  • every time I retrieve saved items they appear corrupted. How do I fix this?

  • @Bob-Hurst ,

    Every time I retrieve a saved file, it’s got exactly the content that was there when I last saved it.

    Sorry, you haven’t given us much to go on to try to diagnose or help you fix your problem.

    Please supply

    • ?-menu, Debug Info
    • Where are you saving the file(s)? local HDD? local SSD? local USB drive? remote network drive?
    • What does “corrupted” mean, to you? Are just a couple characters wrong? Or is the file empty? Or does it show up as a bunch of strange characters that you don’t recognize anything from?
    • Is there any other application trying to access your files at the same time you’re loading them in Notepad++? Or that accesses those files between when you saved it in Notepad++ and when you next tried to open the files in Notepad++?
    • Is there any other information that might help us help you?

  • @PeterJones Sorry, it was inadvertently saved to a JSON file.

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