Auto indent

  • I am writing a HTML file and it’s not auto indenting. I have read online documentation, but it is mostly refering to older versions of Notepad++

    Can anyone guide me in the right direction?


  • @Justin-Gaughan ,

    I’m not sure what documentation you are referring to. The only official online docs,, which you can get to by following the ? menu’s Notepad++ Online Document menu entry, is up to date to v7.9.2, the newest release.

    As described there, the auto-indent feature just keeps the same indent as the line above it. So if you indent one line while typing, Notepad++ will maintain that indentation on subsequent lines, until you change the indent level one way or the other.

    If you use a plugin like XML Tools, you can use the plugin’s menu to “pretty print” the XML/HTML, but that’s not a live as-you-type formatting.

  • @Justin-Gaughan said in Auto indent:

    and it’s not auto indenting

    It would maybe help if you said something about your expectation for auto-indenting, if @PeterJones 's explanation does not satisfy.

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