Insert Date and Time Stamps

  • I used to use TextFX under Notepad++ to insert date and time stamps - a huge time saver. I use Notepad++ to take notes, and this had always been an essential part of my workflow.

    Now, it appears TextFX doesn’t exist, or at least not for the 64-bit version.

    1. Why doesn’t TextFX exist for the 64-bit version?
    2. Why hasn’t the “Insert Date/Time Stamp” functionality ever been added to the core Notepad++

    I realize Notepad++ is free, and it’s supported by volunteers, etc.

    Although I’m not a programmer, I’d be happy to pay someone to help return - what is, to me, a basic functionality - to Notepad++ 64-bit.

    I asked this question years ago, never felt like I received a satisfactory answer.

    Now, if there’s another, well-written, popular plugin that takes over this functionality, I’d be more than happy to try it.


  • @amarand ,

    Whether or not it’s satisfactory to you, the answer that @Alan-Kilborn gave you about two years ago is still true: that functionality is easily implemented using the PythonScript plugin (or any of the scripting plugins, for that matter). Or use the NppCalc plugin, as @dinkumoil suggested back then. So there are at least two plugins that gives you that functionality – you just have to do a tiny bit of overhead to teach them how. But that’s why the scripting plugins exist: to add features that aren’t worth a whole plugin on their own.

  • @amarand said in Insert Date and Time Stamps:

    I used to use TextFX under Notepad++ to insert date and time stamps - a huge time saver.

    Don’t tell me you’ve been “suffering” without your beloved timestamp insertion for an additional 2 years??

    I’d be happy to pay someone…

    We’d be happy to take your money.
    It really just would be for a list of exact step by step instructions, no real work.

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