remove string after a limiter

  • Hello everyone, so i wanted to clear a list which has a limiter " || " already tried experimenting with some regex
    here’s an example of the content in the files || Payment Date
    So what i’m trying to do is remove " || Payment Date " with regex, i can’t just replace the string because everyline would have a different date. all i can do is use the " || " as reference because it constant
    thank you!

  • @Clyde-Parker

    find: (?-s)\|\|.+
    repl: nothing

  • Works like charm, tysm

  • Hi @Clyde-Parker

    Please try this regex,

    Search: (?-s)^.+?\K\Q ||\E.+$
    Replace: [leave empty]

    Put the caret at the very beginning of the file, select just the Regular Expressions mode and click on Replace All.

    Take care and have fun!

    Edit: Alan beat me!

  • Hi, @clyde-parker, @alan-kilborn, @astrosofista and All,

    Alan beat me too. Moreover, with exactly the same regex :-)

    @clyde-parker, this search regex is quite obvious !

    Notes :

    • First the (?-s) is an in-line modifier which forces the regex engine to see any meta-character . as matching a single standard char ( so not the EOL characters )

    • Then the part \|\| represents two literal pipe characters. They must be escaped as | is the meta-character for defining alternatives

    • Finally, the part .+ matches for any non-empty range of standard characters …till the end of current line, so any existing Payment Date

    • The overall match ||Payment Date, is simply deleted as the replacement zone is empty

    To learn how to build regular expressions, I strongly advice you to carefully read this FAQ. It should not be difficult to master the basic concepts, in a week or so ;-))

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 said in remove string after a limiter:

    Alan beat me too. Moreover, with exactly the same regex :-)

    Haha, well does this show that some of us are learning?
    See, it can happen, people!

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