find two letters between quotes in lang tag

  • Hello all

    i would to seach to find all lines with only two letters between quotes in lang="" tag


    but dont find

    thanks for your help

  • Hi, @pouemes44 and All,

    Not really difficult !

    SEARCH / MARK (?-i)(?<=\x20lang=")\l{2}(?=">)

    Notes :

    • This regex searches for 2 lowercase letters \l{2} but ONLY IF :

      • It is preceded with a space char and the string lang=", with this exact case, due to the look-behind (?<=\x20lang=")

      • It is followed with the string ">, due to the look-ahead structure (?=">)

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 said in find two letters between quotes in lang tag:

    SEARCH / MARK (?-i)(?<=\x20lang=")\l{2}(?=">)

    It seems overly restrictive to me.
    OP mentions nothing about uppercase versus lowercase.
    OP mentions “tags” but how are we to know what this really means for them?
    Based upon OP’s specification, I would try:


    Of course, still vague is the type of double-quotes we are talking about.

  • thanks to you

    guy38 it seems to work perfectly but i i have lang=“fr” in all my page
    how to exclude from the search lang=“fr”
    Alan it took tag with 3 letters

  • @Pouemes44 said in find two letters between quotes in lang tag:

    Alan it took tag with 3 letters

    Hmmm. Really not sure how you could get that result, reference:


    Even though you didn’t have luck with mine, here’s how I’d change mine to exclude matching fr :


  • thanks Alan yes work like this
    perhaps firt time i forget the last quote, that why it was not correct
    a great thanks

  • @Pouemes44 said in find two letters between quotes in lang tag:

    how to exclude from the search lang=“fr”

    Try this instead:


    Take care and have fun!

  • Hi, @pouemes44, @alan-kilborn, @astrosofista and All,

    Alan, Hum…, interesting ! I assume, since my last post, that @pouemes44 was talking about the HTML lang attribute. So, I dug out a bit on Net !

    And, from these links :

    We can deduce that :

    • Language codes have always 2 or 3 lowercase characters ( Refer ISO 639-2 from Wikipedia )

    • Country codes have always 2 uppercase characters, ( Refer ISO 3166-1  alpha-2 code list, from Wikipedia )

    • A Language code stands by itself OR may be followed with a dash - and a country code OR a script code ( Refer ISO Language Code Table )

    • Generally, Language tags are lowercase, alphabetic region subtags are uppercase, and script tags begin with an initial capital ( Refer )

    So from the main list, below ( Refer ), with 241 items :

    af          Afrikaans
    af-ZA       Afrikaans (South Africa)
    ar          Arabic
    ar-AE       Arabic (U.A.E.)
    ar-BH       Arabic (Bahrain)
    ar-DZ       Arabic (Algeria)
    ar-EG       Arabic (Egypt)
    ar-IQ       Arabic (Iraq)
    ar-JO       Arabic (Jordan)
    ar-KW       Arabic (Kuwait)
    ar-LB       Arabic (Lebanon)
    ar-LY       Arabic (Libya)
    ar-MA       Arabic (Morocco)
    ar-OM       Arabic (Oman)
    ar-QA       Arabic (Qatar)
    ar-SA       Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
    ar-SY       Arabic (Syria)
    ar-TN       Arabic (Tunisia)
    ar-YE       Arabic (Yemen)
    az          Azeri (Latin)
    az-AZ       Azeri (Latin) (Azerbaijan)
    az-AZ       Azeri (Cyrillic) (Azerbaijan)
    be          Belarusian
    be-BY       Belarusian (Belarus)
    bg          Bulgarian
    bg-BG       Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
    bs-BA       Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    ca          Catalan
    ca-ES       Catalan (Spain)
    cs          Czech
    cs-CZ       Czech (Czech Republic)
    cy          Welsh
    cy-GB       Welsh (United Kingdom)
    da          Danish
    da-DK       Danish (Denmark)
    de          German
    de-AT       German (Austria)
    de-CH       German (Switzerland)
    de-DE       German (Germany)
    de-LI       German (Liechtenstein)
    de-LU       German (Luxembourg)
    dv          Divehi
    dv-MV       Divehi (Maldives)
    el          Greek
    el-GR       Greek (Greece)
    en          English
    en-AU       English (Australia)
    en-BZ       English (Belize)
    en-CA       English (Canada)
    en-CB       English (Caribbean)
    en-GB       English (United Kingdom)
    en-IE       English (Ireland)
    en-JM       English (Jamaica)
    en-NZ       English (New Zealand)
    en-PH       English (Republic of the Philippines)
    en-TT       English (Trinidad and Tobago)
    en-US       English (United States)
    en-ZA       English (South Africa)
    en-ZW       English (Zimbabwe)
    eo          Esperanto
    es          Spanish
    es-AR       Spanish (Argentina)
    es-BO       Spanish (Bolivia)
    es-CL       Spanish (Chile)
    es-CO       Spanish (Colombia)
    es-CR       Spanish (Costa Rica)
    es-DO       Spanish (Dominican Republic)
    es-EC       Spanish (Ecuador)
    es-ES       Spanish (Castilian)
    es-ES       Spanish (Spain)
    es-GT       Spanish (Guatemala)
    es-HN       Spanish (Honduras)
    es-MX       Spanish (Mexico)
    es-NI       Spanish (Nicaragua)
    es-PA       Spanish (Panama)
    es-PE       Spanish (Peru)
    es-PR       Spanish (Puerto Rico)
    es-PY       Spanish (Paraguay)
    es-SV       Spanish (El Salvador)
    es-UY       Spanish (Uruguay)
    es-VE       Spanish (Venezuela)
    et          Estonian
    et-EE       Estonian (Estonia)
    eu          Basque
    eu-ES       Basque (Spain)
    fa          Farsi
    fa-IR       Farsi (Iran)
    fi          Finnish
    fi-FI       Finnish (Finland)
    fo          Faroese
    fo-FO       Faroese (Faroe Islands)
    fr          French
    fr-BE       French (Belgium)
    fr-CA       French (Canada)
    fr-CH       French (Switzerland)
    fr-FR       French (France)
    fr-LU       French (Luxembourg)
    fr-MC       French (Principality of Monaco)
    gl          Galician
    gl-ES       Galician (Spain)
    gu          Gujarati
    gu-IN       Gujarati (India)
    he          Hebrew
    he-IL       Hebrew (Israel)
    hi          Hindi
    hi-IN       Hindi (India)
    hr          Croatian
    hr-BA       Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    hr-HR       Croatian (Croatia)
    hu          Hungarian
    hu-HU       Hungarian (Hungary)
    hy          Armenian
    hy-AM       Armenian (Armenia)
    id          Indonesian
    id-ID       Indonesian (Indonesia)
    is          Icelandic
    is-IS       Icelandic (Iceland)
    it          Italian
    it-CH       Italian (Switzerland)
    it-IT       Italian (Italy)
    ja          Japanese
    ja-JP       Japanese (Japan)
    ka          Georgian
    ka-GE       Georgian (Georgia)
    kk          Kazakh
    kk-KZ       Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
    kn          Kannada
    kn-IN       Kannada (India)
    ko          Korean
    ko-KR       Korean (Korea)
    kok         Konkani
    kok-IN      Konkani (India)
    ky          Kyrgyz
    ky-KG       Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
    lt          Lithuanian
    lt-LT       Lithuanian (Lithuania)
    lv          Latvian
    lv-LV       Latvian (Latvia)
    mi          Maori
    mi-NZ       Maori (New Zealand)
    mk          FYRO Macedonian
    mk-MK       FYRO Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
    mn          Mongolian
    mn-MN       Mongolian (Mongolia)
    mr          Marathi
    mr-IN       Marathi (India)
    ms          Malay
    ms-BN       Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
    ms-MY       Malay (Malaysia)
    mt          Maltese
    mt-MT       Maltese (Malta)
    nb          Norwegian (Bokm?l)
    nb-NO       Norwegian (Bokm?l) (Norway)
    nl          Dutch
    nl-BE       Dutch (Belgium)
    nl-NL       Dutch (Netherlands)
    nn-NO       Norwegian (Nynorsk) (Norway)
    ns          Northern Sotho
    ns-ZA       Northern Sotho (South Africa)
    pa          Punjabi
    pa-IN       Punjabi (India)
    pl          Polish
    pl-PL       Polish (Poland)
    ps          Pashto
    ps-AR       Pashto (Afghanistan)
    pt          Portuguese
    pt-BR       Portuguese (Brazil)
    pt-PT       Portuguese (Portugal)
    qu          Quechua
    qu-BO       Quechua (Bolivia)
    qu-EC       Quechua (Ecuador)
    qu-PE       Quechua (Peru)
    ro          Romanian
    ro-RO       Romanian (Romania)
    ru          Russian
    ru-RU       Russian (Russia)
    sa          Sanskrit
    sa-IN       Sanskrit (India)
    se          Sami (Northern)
    se-FI       Sami (Northern) (Finland)
    se-FI       Sami (Skolt) (Finland)
    se-FI       Sami (Inari) (Finland)
    se-NO       Sami (Northern) (Norway)
    se-NO       Sami (Lule) (Norway)
    se-NO       Sami (Southern) (Norway)
    se-SE       Sami (Northern) (Sweden)
    se-SE       Sami (Lule) (Sweden)
    se-SE       Sami (Southern) (Sweden)
    sk          Slovak
    sk-SK       Slovak (Slovakia)
    sl          Slovenian
    sl-SI       Slovenian (Slovenia)
    sq          Albanian
    sq-AL       Albanian (Albania)
    sr-BA       Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    sr-BA       Serbian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    sr-SP       Serbian (Latin) (Serbia and Montenegro)
    sr-SP       Serbian (Cyrillic) (Serbia and Montenegro)
    sv          Swedish
    sv-FI       Swedish (Finland)
    sv-SE       Swedish (Sweden)
    sw          Swahili
    sw-KE       Swahili (Kenya)
    syr         Syriac
    syr-SY      Syriac (Syria)
    ta          Tamil
    ta-IN       Tamil (India)
    te          Telugu
    te-IN       Telugu (India)
    th          Thai
    th-TH       Thai (Thailand)
    tl          Tagalog
    tl-PH       Tagalog (Philippines)
    tn          Tswana
    tn-ZA       Tswana (South Africa)
    tr          Turkish
    tr-TR       Turkish (Turkey)
    tt          Tatar
    tt-RU       Tatar (Russia)
    ts          Tsonga
    uk          Ukrainian
    uk-UA       Ukrainian (Ukraine)
    ur          Urdu
    ur-PK       Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
    uz          Uzbek (Latin)
    uz-UZ       Uzbek (Latin) (Uzbekistan)
    uz-UZ       Uzbek (Cyrillic) (Uzbekistan)
    vi          Vietnamese
    vi-VN       Vietnamese (Viet Nam)
    xh          Xhosa
    xh-ZA       Xhosa (South Africa)
    zh          Chinese
    zh-CN       Chinese (State)
    zh-Hans     Chinese (Simplified Han Script)
    zh-Hant     Chinese (Traditional Han Script)
    zh-HK       Chinese (Hong Kong)
    zh-MO       Chinese (Macau)
    zh-SG       Chinese (Singapore)
    zh-TW       Chinese (Taiwan)
    zu          Zulu
    zu-ZA       Zulu (South Africa)

    This new regex version matches all the possible language codes :

    SEARCH / MARK (?-i)(?<=\x20lang=")(?:zh\-Han(s|t)|\l{2,3}(-\u{2})?)(?=">?)

    Now, in order to omit the two "fr" and "fr-FR" languages, only, prefer the regex, below :

    SEARCH / MARK (?-i)(?<=\x20lang=")(?:zh\-Han(s|t)|(?!fr(-FR)?">?)\l{2,3}(-\u{2})?)(?=">?)

    You may test these two regexes against the list above !

    Best Regards,


  • thanks to all
    yes i am trying to find in my pages the iso with two letters which refer generally to ISO 693-1

    because i think i havesome mistakes

    example lingala
    ISO 639-1 ln
    ISO 639-2 lin
    ISO 639-3 lin
    IETF ln

    not easy to know which language code

    use ISO 693-3

  • @guy038

    Well… You can read into a poster’s request as much as you want, and go off and research a poster’s problem, again, as much as you want. :-)
    I’m sure there might be some interesting “finds” along such a journey.

    I don’t mind helping with regex requests (except from the “takers”), but I’m sticking to what is asked for, and I’m not going to infer a bunch of stuff. My goal is “get them on their way” quickly. Just my take on it.

    Also, if we solve the problem they ask for, and it isn’t the problem they have, perhaps they learn to be better askers?

    But, I didn’t exactly solve the problem that was asked for: “find all lines…”. Really then the hit should have consisted of a full line, right? Well, we have some wiggle room here, as a “Find All…” search provides the whole line data requested.

  • Hi, @pouemes44, @alan-kilborn, @astrosofista and All,

    @pouemes44, the last regex, of my previous post, finds any language code, of 2 or 3 lowercase letters, optionnally followed with a dash and a country code of two uppercase letters, different from, either, "fr" and "fr-FR" OR finds the specific zh-Hans and zh-Hant Chinese syntaxes

    Now, if we assume, as a matter of principle, that the language codes are all correct, in your files, the search of these language codes are more simple ! Indeed, as no control about syntax is needed, this regex, below, should be enough ( The two language codes "fr" and "fr-FR" are not taken in account ! )

    SEARCH / MARK (?-is)(?<=\x20lang=")(?!fr"|fr-FR").+?(?=">?)

    And, as @alan-kilborn said, if you prefer to highlight the entire lines, with their EOL chars, containing a language code, use that regex :

    MARK (?-is)^.*\x20lang="(?!fr"|fr-FR").+\R?

    Which looks for entire lines, EOL included, containing, at least, a space char, followed by a string lang", with this case, and followed with a valid language code, different from, either, "fr" and "fr-FR"

    Finally, if you just need to bookmark the lines containing a global HTML attribute lang"..........", containing a valid language code, different from, either, "fr" and "fr-FR", use this final regex :

    MARK (?-i)\x20lang="(?!fr"|fr-FR")



  • Great thanks Guy for all you explanations which are precious, and could be precious to next search
    Thanks Alan too

    ***Is there someone here who could be able to make a working extention like “toolbucket” able to search and replace in folders… it should be a great extention

  • @Pouemes44 said in find two letters between quotes in lang tag:

    Is there someone here who could be able to make a working extention like “toolbucket” able to search and replace in folders… it should be a great extention

    Have you tried Replace in Files on the Find in Files tab of the Find window?

  • Hello Alan yes of course
    but when i must search and replace multi lines, its not very easy with a sow little windows and must always use regular expresions for lines break, so with and extension it will be super

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