Notepad and latexml

  • Sometimes I try to convert a .tex file to html with latexml.
    Notepad seems don´t save changes witin the .tex file.
    For example: replacing \sfrag with \dfrac.
    The output file remains the same even after renaming the input file.
    Is notepad the culprit?

  • @Klaus-Lang said in Notepad and latexml:

    Is notepad the culprit?

    A warning, you said “notepad” throughout your question. Notepad is a Microsoft application that ships with Windows OS. Notepad++ is a standalone open-source application that we discuss here. They are two separate applications, despite sharing some letters in the name. If you are really asking about the editor that ships with the Windows OS, then this forum is not the right place for help.

    I doubt that your text editor is the culprit in the above scenerio – firstly, because text editors (whether wimpy ones like MS Notepad, or great and powerful editors like Notepad++) are really good at editing text and asking Windows to save the file to disk. My guess is that your problem lies with your sequence of events, or things aren’t in the state you seem to think they are.

    If you are really using the Notepad++ editor, and you think that the culprit really is the Notepad++ editor, please more fully describe your sequence of events, being careful with the details (like not confusing Notepad with Notepad++) and the exact sequence of events.

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